A place for my work in foam/ Rikki

Started painting, real happy about the result so far. I´m using watercolors mainly because it was a sunday and the paintshop was closed.

Will be interesting to see if it holds up. I might have to find a way to prime the surface before painting, i´ve had some success with painting with acrylics on unprimed foam.

Longtime durability would warrant a coat of protective varnish

Mt Fuji

This is whats happening at my balcony at the moment, a large engraving of Mount Fuji.

I have a deep fascination with this mountain and it´s historical and cultural importance.

Looking at it you feel that it has a sacred aura.

This is my largest engraving in foam to date and i will try to use some more colours with this one, not just flat black.

Mt Fuji Artwork By Rikki Winde Process
Mt Fuji Art By Rikki Winde
Mt Fuji Artwork By Rikki Winde
Mt Fuji Artwork By Rikki Winde number 2


A collection of my engravings in xps-foam¤. Also a picture of my Proxxon hotwire cutter, a very neat piece of equpment to make cuts in xps-foam¤.

¤(Primarily used in constuction for insulation purposes)

Proxxon Hotwire Cutter Rikki Winde